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No little girl ever wanted to be a prostitute
when she grew up

Each week we go on evening Outreach in order to support the health and  safety of the women on the streets. We aim to make contact and develop relationships with them so that they are aware of our services and the support that is available to them. Most importantly, we offer a listening ear and friendship when they need it the most.

We do this at least four times each week.

Whilst on Outreach we offer: Drinks, Snacks (Crisps, Chocolate, Biscuits) and Goody Bags.


In each Goody Bag there is a selection of: Sweets, Hygiene Wipes, Condoms, Lip Balm and a wristband which has our contact details on it. In addition to these, we also carry: Umbrellas, scarfs, hats and gloves.


Our team are also trained to administer Naloxone - a life saving medication that blocks the effects of an opiate overdose.

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