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About Us:
The Emerge Hub Story

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Emerge Hub started with a dream which fuelled a desire to serve and support women from lives of sex work to productive and positively affirming lives. Then followed a three year period of research into the lives of sex workers across the UK and specifically in Grimsby.


What we discovered was that whilst there are many organisations out there ready and willing to support these women, the women struggle to maintain engagement with them due to multiple and complex issues. As qualified therapists, we recognised the need for a therapeutic model which would bridge the gap and began to develop a programme which would reach out and engage with the women on their terms and in a way that they could access.


We were surprised at the readiness of the women to engage and the significant positive impact we made in our first year. In order to develop further it became necessary to apply for charitable status, which was granted in June 2021.


And so we continue to serve the community, not because we want to gain from it, but because we have a genuine desire to see the potential of marginalised women realised.

Our Values

Our Christian ethos means that we practice the values of







...and love to all those we serve

We are a person-centered organisation and we welcome supporters, staff, volunteers and service users from all faiths. We do not coerce or expect anyone to share the Christian faith, just to be respectful and understand our values.

Once the organisation was established we began to develop the Projects and to apply for funding. We identified two different areas of development.

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The Hub

A day centre providing a safe space for the women to relax and discover new opportunities. To be able to access therapeutic and practical support as well as life skills and other training options.

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 Evening outreach to make contact and build relationships whilst being a safe presence on the streets.

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